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If you want to know how to remove leaked OnlyFans content, you better read this guide…


As you grow on the platform and become popular, content thieves will be waiting for you.


Stealing content has become extremely easy, just think that there is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that allows you to download all the posts of an OnlyFans user you are in with a single click.


But who are the thieves?


Some do it to resell your content, some are forum members who do it to get more stolen content in return, and some just for fun …


The internet world is ruthless and rest assured, they will never stop.


Have you been leaked?


The simplest and at the same time approximate method to find out if the content has been stolen from you is to search on the most used search engine in the world: Google


Type on Google:


[Your account name] [Platform] [Leaked]


Example: Babyboss Only Fans Leaked


Be careful though, among the results, some of these sites offer to download entire folders with stolen photos, but together they insert Malware that by downloading them enters your system and could damage it.


What if I don’t find anything?


If you don’t find anything, it doesn’t mean your content hasn’t been stolen.


Not everyone uses Google as a search engine, especially those experts looking for stolen content use other search engines such as https://duckduckgo.com/ that if they try to do a search of the type [Your account name] [Platform] [Leaked ] the results found will be different from the results found on Google.


In short, your content could be all over the web, just imagine the Telegram, and Discord groups …. Imagine the download links like Mega.nz or Rapidgator …. Imagine the billions of forums … we could be here to list them all day.


Side effects


Having an account with stolen media will drastically affect your sales and reputation, it is proven that leaving stolen content lying around will continue to decrease your sales day by day.

And so, how to remove leaked OnlyFans content?


There are at least 3 effective remedies for stolen content:






Let’s see the benefits one by one ….




Automatic watermark applicators provided by the platforms are easy to remove. Instead, take the time to create or commission your own and place it in a place on the photo where it will be difficult to remove.


While a watermark won’t prevent people from sharing your work, it will be difficult for them to upload it as their own and it will give you credit for your work.


PRO: He gives you credits

CONS: Doesn’t protect you from thieves



If your content is frequently stolen and redistributed elsewhere, you should try to figure out who is stealing it so you can block them from your channel.

Here’s how you can find out who is stealing your content:


Shot different images and DM it to your subscribers as a free gift. Maintain a record of which accounts received which images.


Wait until the content is illegally uploaded before looking to see which accounts received that image


Repeat the process until you find the pirate and narrow down the suspect list even further.


OnlyFans accounts should be banned and reported to the platform.

You could already do some cleanup among your subscribers with this first trap, but nothing would stop them from creating a new account, re-subscribing with another card, and stealing your content again.

Alternatively, you can insert a watermark with the username of the person to whom you are sending media, in this way the content will hardly be republished for free, but if it is published there will be proof of who did it.


PROS: This allows you to clean up among your supporters.

CONS: Takes a lot of time and doesn’t stop thieves permanently



Commission a team of online specialists who fight back against illegal copyright infringements is the best solution to be safe and without worries.

At your disposal you will have:

  1. The most powerful tool to scan the web;
  2. Google removal 100% success guarantee;
  3. Removal of content from sites (DMCA takedown);
  4. Personal agent for custom requests;
  5. Reports;
  6. Easy cancel subscription to our service with just one click.

Continuous web crawling ensures that every time someone steals your content, it will be found by our system.


This content will be immediately reported to search engines (e.g. Google) which will eliminate it from the search and in this way will make it invisible to those who search for your stolen content online.


We will also send a DMCA take-down request to the owners of the website that contains your stolen files.


Here is what will happen, many of these sites will remove the content, and some will ignore the request.


Even if these sites continue to have your content stolen, they will no longer be visible in search engines.


So unless the person looking for the stolen content does not know the site directly, it will be impossible to find the content as the site that owns it has been removed from the Google results.


This strategy will significantly increase your monthly revenue as stolen content will not be as easy to find as it used to be.


PROS: Free your time, find and remove all your stolen content from the web.

CONS: it is paid, but is a service that pays itself.


To let us run a free analysis on your account just click on “GET FREE ANALYSIS” below.
remove onlyfans leaked

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remove onlyfans leaked

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a DMCA takedown work?

The process includes:

  1. Conducting in-depth searches to determine the full extent of the infringement.
  2. Categorizing the infringements and the works upon which infringements have occurred.
  3. Investigating various websites to determine the identity of their website administrators and web hosts.
  4. Submitting applications to these parties.
  5. Persistently following up and escalating the DMCA takedown process to ensure the removal of the offending content.

How much does a takedown service cost?

We provide obligation-free advice and assessments. We can review your case and provide you with a quote before you proceed with a DMCA takedown process.

Will I have to do something?

No effort is required of you, unlike other online services you will not have to upload any images or videos to have them tracked.

We will take care of everything.

Why would I use a takedown service rather than just do it myself?

As the saying goes: “time is money”. If you have time to spare, you know all the requirements to submit a valid DMCA takedown notice, and you don’t mind constantly chasing up websites, web hosts, web admins, and other platforms, then completing the DMCA takedown service yourself might be the best choice for you.

If however, you want to focus on producing quality content, without having to waste time on legal paperwork, our support service is essential in order to get better results and grow your turnover quickly.

Why will my turnover grow by joining your service?

It’s very simple, thanks to the elimination of stolen content online, web users will no longer be able to see your content for free online and many of them will decide to pay the subscription to the official channel.

What happens after I decide to start with you?

You will be assigned a personal agent who will help you onboarding with us, once the documentation is ready, proceed to monitor and request removals of stolen content.

You will be able to see all the live progress of each removal request.

For any questions, you can speak to your personal agent.

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