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We help content creators find and remove their stolen content, thanks to our 24/7 DMCA service, get a free analysis now!

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Pirates will never stop

If you think they will stop stealing the content that you have created with hard work, you are very wrong!

Without protection they will continue to steal content and republish it for free, it is a vicious circle.

Side effects

Having an account with stolen media will drastically affect your sales and reputation, it is proven that leaving stolen content lying around will continue to decrease your sales day by day.

Welcome to the #1 trusted 24/7 monitoring and takedown service

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The powerful monitor and takedown service.

Relax and concentrate on creating content while we ensure your safety.


We will remove your content from websites that reproduce it without your permission.


We use the most powerful software to detect where your illegal content is hidden. We run manual and automated scans.


You will receive reports on what we are doing and the results achieved.


The most traffic comes from Google and Bing. by removing your leaked results, users won't be able to reach those websites anymore.


We scan and take down file-sharing website like mega.nz


You will be assigned a team expert who you can contact when you need.

Automatic scan and takedown

In full anonymity

We help content creators in increasing their monthly revenues by removing leaked content from the internet


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Among our customers

Every content I created was leaked and freely distributed on other pirated websites.

You know, time is money, and I couldn’t keep up with everything, I couldn’t consistently create quality content if I had to deal with removing leaked content myself.

So I decided the investment was worthwhile, investigated various leaked content removal services, and found that no one trusted me as much as Leak Remover.

They are a team of experienced women in the field who will work with you month after month to increase your account revenue through the removal of leaked content.

To date, I would recommend Leak Remover because it has significantly reduced my stress related to this problem while also significantly increasing my platform revenues;

It is a service that pays for itself.

Among our customers

remove onlyfans leaked

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remove onlyfans leaked

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Among our customers


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remove onlyfans leaked
remove onlyfans leaked

Leak Remover service: on

Relax while we keep your content safe

We will assist you month after month to ensure that your content does not spread on the internet

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a DMCA takedown work?

The process includes:

  1. Conducting in-depth searches to determine the full extent of the infringement.
  2. Categorizing the infringements and the works upon which infringements have occurred.
  3. Investigating various websites to determine the identity of their website administrators and web hosts.
  4. Submitting applications to these parties.
  5. Persistently following up and escalating the DMCA takedown process to ensure the removal of the offending content.

How much does a takedown service cost?

We provide obligation-free advice and assessments. We can review your case and provide you with a quote before you proceed with a DMCA takedown process.

Will I have to do something?

No effort is required of you, unlike other online services you will not have to upload any images or videos to have them tracked.

We will take care of everything.

Why would I use a takedown service rather than just do it myself?

As the saying goes: โ€œtime is moneyโ€. If you have time to spare, you know all the requirements to submit a valid DMCA takedown notice, and you donโ€™t mind constantly chasing up websites, web hosts, web admins, and other platforms, then completing the DMCA takedown service yourself might be the best choice for you.

If however, you want to focus on producing quality content, without having to waste time on legal paperwork, our support service is essential in order to get better results and grow your turnover quickly.

Why will my turnover grow by joining your service?

It’s very simple, thanks to the elimination of stolen content online, web users will no longer be able to see your content for free online and many of them will decide to pay the subscription to the official channel.

What happens after I decide to start with you?

You will be assigned a personal agent who will help you onboarding with us, once the documentation is ready, proceed to monitor and request removals of stolen content.

You will be able to see all the live progress of each removal request.

For any questions, you can speak to your personal agent.

I want a free in-depth analysis
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